Learning Outcomes for This Course

What you can expect upon successfully completing this program:

  • Deeper understanding of coaching 13 – 25 year-olds

  • Confidence coaching teenagers and young people

  • Become aware of self-limiting beliefs and practices so as to act on them and help teenagers and young people to overcome their personal barriers to grow in self-awareness and confidence

  • Be aware of the differences between adult and youth coaching, and the ethical practices associated to coaching young people

30 Hour Youth Coaching Curriculum

What you'll learn in this intensive program

  • Youth Needs & Challenges
  • Building Positive Relationships with young people
  • Difficult Conversations & Common Issues 
  • Ethics, Boundaries & Safeguarding in Youth Coaching 
  • Effective Communication with Young People 
  • Adolescent Behaviour & Development  
  • Youth Identity & Creating Self-Awareness 
  • Youth Passions, Purpose & Social Impact 
  • Youth Futures & Goal Setting 
  • Systemic, Peer & Group Youth Coaching 
  • A Multi-Agency & Multi-Disciplinary Approach (Involving and Working with Parents, Education, Employers, Referral Agencies & Services)
  • Designing & Structuring Your Youth Coaching Program 

In addition, the Youth Coach training includes youth coaching activities and resources, tools, models, case studies, real life examples and best practice approaches to youth coaching.

Your Facilitator

Youth Trainer

Leah Black

Leah is a qualified youth and community practitioner dedicated to inspiring and empowering the next generations. She's been working with young people between the ages of 11 to 25 years for 15 years in the UK, as well as in Ecuador, Zambia, Kenya, and Uganda. Leah's passion lies in youth mentoring, coaching and training to help young people find their potential and gain the confidence to achieve. Due to Leah's love for nature, she started her career in environmental and wildlife conservation. By engaging the community in her projects she witnessed the power of youth involvement, which eventually led her to focus her career on young people. Leah has worked in the charitable, local authority and education sectors and has gained a lot of experience working with young people in a variety of roles and locations. Her approach to youth work combines coaching, mentoring, peer support and non-formal education. She has also supervised many students on placements and delivered group peer supervision for staff that worked with under 18s. Leah now travels across the world with her work, both physically and online, to help develop young people, youth leaders, and changemakers. Having faced many challenges in her teen and younger years, Leah strongly believes that core life and social skills should be integrated into global mainstream education and youth work to help young people in their personal and professional development. She strives to prepare future generations to be the best they can be for themselves, for others and for the world; enabling young people to feel that they belong, can lead and be heard, succeed and thrive.