30-Hour Program with David Clutterbuck

What does it take to evolve from a coach to a masterful coach? From a leader who coaches to a leader who creates a coaching culture? David Clutterbuck has spent a decade exploring coaches’ and leaders’ journeys towards coaching mastery and finds it has little to do with competencies. As in almost every field of human endeavour, the journey towards mastery involves letting go of most of what you learned in the early stages. “When you realise that almost everything you learned as a beginner coach was inaccurate or only partly true, you have truly grasped the essence of being a great coach.”
  • Time & Dates

    12 2-hour classes will meet on Thursdays via Zoom, at 11 AM- 01 PM (EDT) starting on October 29, 2020.

  • ICF & EMCC Accredited

    This course is part of Coacharya's accredited coach training program. Participants who successfully complete it will qualify for 30 hours CCE / CPD.


David Clutterbuck

David says that his role is to ask BDQs "Bloody Difficult Questions" as a mentor or coach. He is a researcher, a faciliatator of good practice in Boardrooms, and the Practice Leader in international consultancies David Clutterbuck Partnership (DCP) and Coaching & Mentoring International (CMI). He's also a Distinguished Fellow of The Conference Board to the CV. Everything he does revolves around helping people and organisations harness the power of dialogue - to have the conversations that will bring about positive change. David has written or co-written more than 70 books. He is a visiting professor to the coaching and mentoring faculties of Henley Business School, Oxford Brookes University, Sheffield Hallam University and York St John. In 2011, he was voted Coaching at Work magazine's Mentor of the Year. He co-founded the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, for which he is now International Special Ambassador.