Course curriculum

  • 1

    Your Training Program

    • Welcome to Your Coach Training Program!

    • How to Use This Platform

    • Coacharya Coach Training Program Overview

    • ACC to PCC Road map

    • Program Requirements

    • Supplementary Webinars

    • Sample of Coaching Hours Log

    • Stay in Touch

  • 2

    Review of ACC-ACSTH program

    • What is Coaching?

    • Video: Self-Management Practices

    • Client Centered Coaching: Carl Rogers Model

    • 7elements of Client Center Approach

    • Coaching Models

    • Video: From Coach to Mentor with David Clutterbuck

    • Structure of a coaching session

    • Video: Structure of a coaching session

  • 3


    • PCC-ACTP-2021: Orientation

    • PCC-ACTP-2021: Coaching Principles

    • Video: ICF Core Coaching Competencies Update (Nov. 2019)

    • Video: Coaching Demo with Mary Anna Wright, PhD, MCC

  • 4

    PCC Markers

    • Updated PCC Markers for 2019 CCs

    • Video: New ICF PCC Markers - part 1

    • Video: New ICF PCC Markers - part 2

    • NY Chapter ICF Credentialing Handbook 2018 - for information only

  • 5

    Coaching Models & Styles

    • Creating Your Own Coaching Model

    • PCC-ACTP: Developing Coaching Models

  • 6

    سایر موارد

    • تأملی درباره سفر مربیگری

    • نمونه یک جلسه کوچینگ و الگوی ارزیابی خود و مدرس با استفاده از شاخص های شایستگی

    • صورت جلسه کوچینگ اینترنال دوره‌های آموزشی کوچاریا

    • Transcript Template


PCC Instructor

Asghar FAZEL

Dr Asghar Fazel, an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), is experienced in delivering technical and executive support to various United Nations agencies and several private and public organisations. He also introduced Persian-English bilingual coaching training courses to Coacharya since 2020 and is delivering ACC/ACSTH and PCC/ACTP courses. To achieve his ambitious target, Dr Fazel has been involved in establishing several institutes, firms and startups. His work backgrounds include facilitating, consulting, training, mentoring, coaching, and executive management in the IPBES Presidency in Bonn, Germany, AIC College of Austria, UNEP-WCMC in Cambridge, UK, UNCBD in Montreal, Canada, RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia and numerous other institutes around the globe in all five continents. Although with a wide range of professorship and executive experiences, Dr Fazel and his fellows at the Anahico International College of Austria are focused on coaching and facilitating young professionals entrance into the international arena. Skills that are less addressed in their college or family./ About Asghar Fazel in Persian: دکتر اصغر محمدی فاضل، مشاور، تسهیلگر و کوچ حرفه‌ای عضو فدراسیون جهانی کوچینگ و دارای سوابق تحصیل و تدریس در دانشگاه‌های مختلف در سطح جهان است. دکتر فاضل بنیانگذار دوره‌های آموزش کوچینگ به زبان پارسی در کوچاریا است و علاوه بر اینکه نمایندگی معرفی و فروش خدمات و دوره‌های کوچاریا را دارد، دوره‌های مختلف آموزشی به فارسی و انگلیسی را نیز در کوچاریا ارائه می‌نماید.