The Capstone Course to Your PCC Journey

Individual and Group Mentoring with MCC Coach

The most popular way to apply for your PCC coaching credential from ICF is through the ACTP, or Accredited Coach Training Program, route. This means that you don't have to submit coaching session recordings with your application. Coacharya is accredited at the ACTP level, and our Mentored Evaluation course is the final portion of our program. You'll work with an MCC level coach in a small group (up to 10 people) and individually to ensure you're coaching at a PCC level or higher.

  • 7 hours minimum group mentoring
  • 3 hours minimum individual mentoring
  • All done virtually, via Zoom
  • New program starts each quarter
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What is Mentored Evaluation?

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Program Director

Cindy Muthukarapan

Cindy Muthukarapan is an internationally recognized Executive and Leadership Coach, Trainer, Coach Assessor, Mentor Coach and Program Director. Having been involved in the Personal, Social and Professional development field for over thirty years, she brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience in the areas of personal mastery, emotional intelligence, change management and leadership development. She works with Leaders/Executives/Coaches to create ripples of positive change in themselves, their organizations and communities. For the past few years she has been actively and passionately involved in Coach Mentoring and Coach Evaluating, supporting emerging and evolving coaches on the Credentialing Pathway. She is Program Director of Coacharya and facilitates/trains the highly sought after Coacharya Coach Mastery Program. On a more Local/Global approach, Cindy is passionate in Partnering with African and South African Community of Coaches in contributing to the development and advancement of the Coaching Profession, helping shape its future and create opportunities for Business, Personal and Professional Growth.