Guide to EMCC Application for Individuals

Ready to apply for EMCC but not sure what to do?

We can help you with that. :)

The EMCC application is quite thorough and can seem a bit daunting. We've broken out each step to help you complete your application and get your coaching accreditation. 

Inside, you'll find help for each section of the application as well as examples and templates.

Please note, the primary audience for this course is Coacharya alumni, since they qualify for the fast track application under our EQA award. However, the application is the same for everyone, so even if you're not one of our alumni, we invite you to check out this course. 

What You'll Find Inside

Components, templates and exampled of the EMCC application

  • 1

    Application Process Overview

    • How to use this course

    • Details to Note About EMCC + Coacharya

    • Fees & Requirements Details

    • EMCC's Guide to Applying for Coacharya Certificate Holders

  • 2

    EMCC Resources for Reference

    • EMCC Global Code of Ethics

    • EMCC Coaching and Mentoring Competence Framework

    • EMCC Diversity and Inclusion Declaration

    • EMCC Reflective Practice

  • 3

    Senior Practitioner Reflective Portfolio Requirements & Assessment Guidelines

    • Introduction

    • Am I a Senior Practitioner?

    • What Is a Reflective Portfolio?

    • Standards for Reflections

    • The Art of Reflection

    • Guidelines for Reflections on Practice

    • Assessment Criteria for Written Submissions

    • Personal Details

    • Opening Personal Statement and Vision

    • Diversity & Inclusion Statement

    • Practice

    • Client Feedback

    • Professional Development

    • Record of Supervision

    • Reflections: Application, Analysis and Synthesis of Theory with Practice

    • Reflection: Continuing Professional Development

    • Reflection: Supervision

    • My Personal Development Plan

    • Case Study: My Learning Journey

    • Closing Personal Statement: Personal Philosophy and Approach

    • Declaration

  • 4

    What Happens Next

    • Next Steps