Important Disclaimer Before You Purchase

As of August 2022, the ICF test format has changed. If applying for credentials is the main reason you're here, please consider the following and decide for yourself whether this practice test is applicable to you. 

  • Coaches who applied for ICF credentials before August 2022 will take the old test, similar to this practice test.

  • Coaches who applied for credentials after August 2022 will take the new format test. 

  • The new format test is 3 hours, proctored, and each question has a "best" and "worst" answer, not just one choice. This practice test has just one correct choice per question.

  • This practice test will help you gauge how well you know ICF coaching competencies. It's good practice, but it does not mirror the actual experience of the new ICF exam.

You can find information on the new test as well as a few practice questions on the ICF website.

  • Coaching Competencies Comprehension

    Test your understanding of coaching competencies. It's based largely on ICF's, but applicable to coaching in general.

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What's Included

Prepare for your coaching credential assessment.

  • 150+ questions on Coaching Foundation, Co-Creating the Relationship, Communicating Effectively, Facilitating Results and Learning and General Coaching Knowledge

  • Written and edited by coaches with multiple credentials: MCC (ICF), MP (EMCC) and BCC

  • There's no time limit, but we recommend you give yourself no more than 3 hours total to best mirror a coaching assessment experience

  • At this time, explanations for each question are not provided so as to not distract the test-taker - the intention is for this to function like a "real" test

  • You may take the test as many times as you want, but note that your historical scores will not be recorded so please keep track of your improvement over time

  • To pass each section, you need to score at least 70% correct

This Test Was Written By:

Mentor Coach

Ram Ramanathan

As Mentor Coach, Ram brings an accomplished 45-year career off to the helm of Coacharya. He oversees all aspects of coaching and training services offered and is responsible for creating all proprietary coaching models for Coacharya. Ram held C-suite leadership positions for 25-years during which he turned around companies, helped a billion-dollar conglomerate, supervised multinational joint ventures, advised the governments of Indonesia and Singapore, angel invested/incubated technology start-ups, and consulted family businesses, small-to-medium enterprises, and nonprofit institutions, He stresses the principles of lean management, customer orientation and quality assurance in all facets of business. As a leadership development coach, Ram works with groups and individuals on issues of team-building, alignment of cultural values, co-creation of vision to action plans, strategic performance issues of engagement, and coping with VUCA. Ram has authored several books on Eastern philosophy and published articles internationally on mindless awareness in coaching. He teaches as an adjunct faculty at postgraduate programs and speaks at events related to human development. Ram’s passion is blending Eastern spiritual practices (yoga, tantra, and meditation) with Western psychological interventions (NLP, Gestalt, Positive Psychology) to enhance personal development in all aspects of work and life. Ram and his wife, Neena, split their time between their home in Bangalore, and their grandchildren in California and Berkeley.