Who is this course for?

This course is for experienced coaches who are inspired to deepen the awareness of who they are, how they show up in the world, and how they hold space for others.

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We will offer this course in early 2021. Please leave your email to get notified.

Your Instructor For This Course

Leon VanderPol - Leader in Transformational Coaching

Leon VanderPol

Leon offers coaching and mentoring for purpose - driven individuals, and training and speaking engagements for conferences, podcasts, and telesummits. He is a globally-recognized leader in transformational coaching, personal development, with an extensive background in spiritual growth and healing. He is the Founder & Director of the Center for Transformational Coaching, which has trained hundreds of people around the world in Deep Coaching and transformative growth processes. He is creator of the Deep Coaching Intensive, a paradigm-shifting coaching approach that radically alters the potentials of what is possible in coaching. Leon is also author of 'A Shift in Being' which introduces audiences to the art of creating and holding powerful spaces which empower transformative growth.

Program Objectives

  • Qualify for ICF PCC, EMCC SP, CCE BCC renewal hours and if applicable to credentials
  • Move beyond the limitations of transactional coaching approaches into the transformational
  • Learn fundamental theory, skills and competencies in transformational (ontological) coaching
  • Understand the unique potentials and challenges of ontological coaching in organizations
  • Gain proficiency at fostering being-level awareness and growth in coaching conversations
  • Connect individual growth to organizational growth; perceiving self as a unique part of a whole
  • Knowledge and skills taught in this course has application beyond organizational coaching.

Learner Outcomes

  • Learn to coach beyond the immediate issue into a more expansive realm of self-awareness
  • Be able to create a coaching space in which people are willing to go deeper with you
  • Become adept and comfortable working at a ‘being level’ with leaders and other clients
  • Help people relate personal development to larger organizational goals and opportunities 
  • Understand how the dual dynamics of transformation impact people’s growth potential
  • Develop a less intellectually-driven, more presence-based coaching approach
  • Strengthen your own being-level awareness to thrive as person and as a coach
  • Expand your personal presence to be a greater catalyst for transformative growth in others.

Please Note:

  • This program is highly experiential and intensive. You must attend all sessions.

  • Credentialed coaches can earn 30 core competency CCEUs for attending.

  • No refunds will be issued for cancellations or no-shows.