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Every Monday - Thursday, we're honored to present three discussion or panel sessions with some of the most influential and thought-provoking leaders and coaches in the world. When you register for the event, you'll get access to all the sessions. We will email you daily starting September 21 with a list of that day's topics and speakers.

September 21 - October 23

For Coaches, Leaders and Lifelong Learners

  • FREE to Attend

    We believe that knowledge should be free, which is why anyone and everyone can register and attend all sessions. Please share this event with your friends and colleagues.

  • Affordable CCE / CPD

    EMCC-accredited and ICF-credentialed coaches can purchase affordable CCE / CPD credits, which can be used towards renewals. We only charge a nominal administrative cost.

  • 60+ Speakers = Infinite Ideas

    World-renowned leaders, coaches, executives and thinkers will inspire you through three daily sessions Monday-Thursday. Register once to get access to all sessions.

Purchase CCE / CPD Credits

If you'd like to claim CCE units (ICF) or CPD credits (EMCC), you can purchase them now at a discount.You can attend all sessions for free if you don't want to claim CCE/CPD.

  • Free

    Attend for Free - No CCE/CPD

  • $195.00

    30 CCE / CPD units (35% off)

  • $175.00

    25 CCE / CPD units (30% off)

  • $150.00

    20 CCE / CPD units (25% off)

  • $120.00

    15 CCE / CPD units (20% off)

  • $85.00

    10 CCE / CPD units (15% off)

  • $45.00

    5 CCE / CPD units (10% off)

  • $10.00

    1 CCE / CPD unit



  • Do I have to pay to attend?

    No, you can attend for free. We charge an administrative fee only if you'd like to receive CCE / CPD credits. The more credits you purchase, the lower the price per unit.

  • How do I claim CCE/CPD?

    We will update claiming instructions before the conference starts. In addition to purchasing the units you need, you'll also need to submit a reflection to evidence your learning. The deadline for that will be in mid-November so you'll have plenty of time.

  • Can I buy CCE/CPD credits later?

    Definitely. Discount codes are only valid before the conference starts, however, so we encourage you to purchase as soon as possible.

  • Where can I see speakers and schedule?

    You can see all details on the conference website: There's no need to register for specific sessions. Once you register, Zoom details for all sessions will be provided.

  • Will you live stream on YouTube?

    No, due to the number of CCE/CPD claims we anticipate, everyone will need to attend via Zoom. That way, we can verify attendance if necessary.