“Change the way you see and see the way you change”

– Zen Proverb

‘Seeing’ here is a metaphor for how we perceive and experience. That is what ancient wisdom – philosophies and practices- meant to teach. The way of wisdom is concerned with what we see? And how do we see? Because our quality of life depends on our quality of perception and understanding.

This four-week program is designed to bring your attention to yourself by drawing from the ideas and practices shared in Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Sufism.

We would like to mention that this program is not to promote any religion but to benefit from the respective ancient philosophies.

Though this program is designed keeping in mind the coaches and coaching practice, its benefit is not limited to coaches. If ancient wisdom intrigues you, join us to immerse yourself in the learning.

Program Structure:

  • 4 x 1.5-hour sessions conducted online via zoom
  • Asynchronous reading on Learning Management System (LMS)
  • In group learning through – observation, reflection, sharing, discussions, and Meditation
  • Weekly Reflective Practice


  • Dharma (week 1): Exploration of the dimensions of Universal and Personal Ethics
  • Karma (week 2): Exploration of the Right action; Non-action; Dispassion
  • Self (week 3 & 4): Exploration of The Whole Being or what is called “Atman” and also “Anatman”

Potential Outcome or Takeaway:

  • Practice philosophical enquiry to resolve dilemmas and conflicts
  • Learn about time-tested ideas and concepts to gain new insights
  • Implement the understanding of philosophy in coaching practice/life situations